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Laser Tattoo & Laser Hair Removal

Since 2011 we have been performing a variety of professional Laser Treatments which we tailor to meet your own individual requirements.

Treatments from Tattoo Removal, Thread Veins, Laser & IPL Hair Removal, Age/Sun Spot Removal, Birth Marks and more.

With experienced and Qualified Aesthetic Laser Practitioners your in safe hands every step of the way.

We can either get rid of a regrettable tattoo or simply fade it down so you can replace it with a tattoo you can really feel proud of. 
  • Tattoo cover-ups are an increasingly popular way of dealing with old or unwanted tattoo, however, often you are given only a few choices of what you can have to cover your old tattoo.
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could choose the tattoo you wanted, rather than picking from a limited selection? A sure way to get the perfect cover-up is to take a course of Laser Tattoo Removal beforehand.
  • This will give you the ability to have your own beautiful cover-up, full of colour and without the overuse of heavy blacks everywhere!