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the latest 
Laser treatments for Tattoo Hair Removal at affordable prices.

Laser Tattoo & Laser Hair Removal

Would you like your Tattoo Removed

 or simply faded down for a better cover-up?

                Now you can! the choice is yours.

We can either get rid of a regrettable tattoo or simply fade it down so you can replace it with a tattoo you can really feel proud of. 
  • Tattoo cover-ups are an increasingly popular way of dealing with old or unwanted tattoo, however, often you are given only a few choices of what you can have to cover your old tattoo.
  • Wouldn't it be great if you could choose the tattoo you wanted, rather than picking from a limited selection? A sure way to get the perfect cover-up is to take a course of Laser Tattoo Removal beforehand.
  • This will give you the ability to have your own beautiful cover-up, full of colour and without the overuse of heavy blacks everywhere!
  • Of course, if your looking for a complete Removal of your Tattoo then we can help with that too!
Whether you would like to simply Fade or Remove your Tattoo or treat unwanted Hair, we can advise the best course of treatments tailored to you at your FREEConsultation.

All our Laser treatments are carried out by our Fully Qualified Aesthetic Laser Practitioner, for Tattoo Removal we use state of the art Q-Switched Ruby and/or Q-Switched ND:YAG (UK) Lasers. For Hair Removal we use our Ruby Laser and/or PlasmaLite, these combinations of Lasers make our results possible and your dreams a reality!

Looking for a gift Idea?

If you know someone who would like a 
Tattoo removed or considering removing 
unwanted Hair, we also have Gift Certificates that can be redeemed against treatments of Laser Tattoo or Laser Hair Removal.

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