Laser Tattoo Removal Question & Answers

Here are a few answers to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning Laser Tattoo Removal:
How does it work?
A laser pen directs light energy briefly over your tattoo (nanoseconds), passing harmlessly through the skin to break down the tattoo ink beneath. As parts of it break down your body naturally removes and absorbs the ink particles gradually fading the tattoo away over a number of treatments.

Can multi-coloured tattoos be removed?
Not every time; a lot depends on factors like your immune system, skin tone and types of ink used. We use several Laser systems so its success rate is very high.

Can you just take one bit of the tattoo off?
Absolutely; regretting having a certain name on a certain heart scroll? No problem we can take out just the name leaving a blank canvas!

What will it cost?
Each laser tattoo removal treatment can costs from only £45 (please see our price guide)

How many treatments will it take?
Depending on a lot of variables, and is discussed in more detail at your FREE* Consultation, please contact us to arrange your appointment and get an accurate estimate.

How often can I get a treatment?
Depending on the individual we like to leave around 6 weeks between each treatment, this allows your body to break everything down and heal completely thus reduceing the number of treatments you may need.

Do I have to stay out of the sun or anything afterwards? 
The skin will be a little sensitive so you need to avoid the area being rubbed or scratched, keep it covered up from direct sunlight until the skin is fully healed and avoid activities like swimming and any intense exercise for the first few days after treatment.

Contact us today to arrange for your FREE* Consultation and get a better idea of how well your tattoo may react to laser treatment, and how long it might take in achieving your goal!

We look forward to hearing from you.

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